Dog breeds in Nigeria with Pictures

In this article, I would be sharing the list of Dog Breeds in Nigeria with Pictures that best represent them from Breeders in Nigeria. 

Not all breeds of Dogs are in Nigeria or have been bred in Nigeria out of thousands of breeds in the world only a few are been bred by Nigerians and that depends on the breeds you will see around.

1. Boerboels:
This is one of the African most popular breeds of dogs and this particular breed is also popularly bred in Nigeria. This breed is known and popular for its intimidating size and big head. 
This breed is also been classified into Registered Boerboels and non-Registered Boerboels. A lot of breeders use the term Pedigree and Non-pedigree to differentiate between the two classes of Boerboels. The organization that represents SABBS in Nigeria is the Boerboel Dog Breeders Association, Nigeria (BDBAN), however, we have other organizations such as the Boerboel Alliance. 

Credit: Alagbede Ogun Boerboels

2. German Shepherds (GSD): This breed is also popular in Nigeria, and it’s known for its intelligence as seen in the movies with the police. The popularity of this breed has grown and has many clubs for each state in Nigeria. 
After the Boerboel breed, the GSD is also the most common breed in Nigeria, both the Workling line and Show lines. 

Abejide Sunday Peter (Rock)

3. Lhasa apso: Lhasa Apso is the most popular dog breed in Nigeria and it’s well known for its long coat and small size. The breed is been sorted by a lot of people especially females who seem to be more attracted to the breed. 

4. Caucasian Shepard: This breed is known and mostly bred in Jos Nigeria, the breed is known for its intimidating size. And the long coat, though it’s mostly can be found in Jos Nigeria. 

5. The Rottweilers: This breed is the most feared breed of dog in Nigeria and it is known for its aggressive instinct. 

SQ Kennels

6. Eskimo: This Eskimo breed is also a popular medium size dog breed in Nigeria, the breed is been sorted out for its white coat. 

7. French Mastiff: This breed has started to grow in demand recently, though not a popularly kept dog in Nigeria. 

8. Husky: The Husky breed seems to be hyped in Nigeria and its popular has grown over the years in Nigeria. 

9. Doberman Pinscher: Though the breed of dog has drastically reduced in Nigeria some lovers of this breed have continued to keep this breed. 

Disclaimer: There are other breeds in Nigeria, however,r the above listed are the most popular Dog breeds in Nigeria and you find them in the homes of dog Lovers or Pet Lovers in Nigeria. 


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